(Macon, GA) Commission Board Meets to Discuss Research

The Corn Board met at the Georgia Department of Agriculture Farmer’s Market in Macon, to discuss and review research projects proposed by the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and USDA-ARS for 2012. Approximately $224,000 was appropriated for research and educational projects such as the impact of different starter fertilizers, potash applications and timing and nitrogen rates, nematode and disease control methods, identification of drought stress genes and aflatoxin tolerance, yield at various plant populations as affected by row spacing and row patterns, weed control options, management of corn earworms and fall armyworms, etc.

Several other business items were discussed for consideration as well. Dr. Donn Shilling, UGA Crop and Soil Sciences gave a report from the College and the Department regarding current vacancies within UGA. He noted several key positions including the vacant corn specialist position was as a priority for UGA Cooperative Extension.

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